Niagara School for Missional Leadership FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Currently, the NSML is structured as a praxis-based learning community supported by the Niagara Diocese of the Anglican Church of Canada. Thus, we are a non-residential Anglican school for missional leadership formation and education.

Our early-bird registration opportunities are open primarily to Anglicans within the Diocese of Niagara who are engaged in mission—whether formally through the Church, or as active laity serving Christ in their communities. As space allows, we will open registration to members of other Christian faith communities across Canada and beyond.

The NSML offers multiple courses in durations lasting up to eight weeks, ranging from Missional Preaching to Christian Formation. See more about our current courses here, and courses we have previously offered here.

Currently, there is one unified track for participants. We are exploring offering multiple tracks, including a Deacon’s Track for Anglicans engaged or interested in diaconal ministry.

At the moment, all NSML classes are virtual, offered in real-time with participation through a combination of live Zoom sessions and use of a learning platform called Moodle.

The NSML is a ministry of the Anglican Diocese of Niagara. It is steered by Bishop Susan Bell, Archdeacon Bill Mous, and Dr. Charles Meeks, and supported by a committee of laypeople and clergy from the diocese.

We are currently asking participants to pay a flat fee of $250 per course, per person. We are offering a 20% discount for individuals who have registered for 3 or more courses within the same term, and we are also offering a 20% discount off the total cost for groups of 3 or more persons from the same parish. Where cost would be a sincere financial barrier to enrolment, we may offer a bursary. We do ask, as well, that participants prayerfully consider their ability to contribute above the required fee in order to support the enrolment of those who cannot.

Payment is not due upon registration, but after your registration has been processed and the course(s) for which you have registered are confirmed to be moving forward.

Yes! For each course you complete, you may request that the coordinator send you a receipt with the information required by the Anglican Church of Canada Continuing Education Plan to be reimbursed through your continuing education funds. Please visit the CEP Online portal for more information on benefits or to request your current balance.

During each course, you will be encouraged to practice what you’re learning in your context—to integrate the course material with your own personal and spiritual growth—through the completion of particular activities assigned by your instructor. Grades will not be assigned; however, your instructor will make a determination about whether the course has been completed or not based on participation.